Alaska is an entirely different atmosphere in itself. I've heard people make remarks that Alaska is unlike anything you will find in the lower 48 - well I'm here to tell you they weren't wrong. I've done my fair share of travel across the lower 48, and nothing compares to the surreal and vast landscapes you find yourself in like Alaska. Last month, I won a ticket to the Find Your North workshop hosted by Jess Hunter and Levi Tijerina (please do yourself a favor and check out these inspiring artists!) It was an experience unlike anything else in my life. Traveling LITERALLY across the other side of the country by myself was intimidating itself, but the moment we were making our descent into cloud covered mountains I froze. It was like a whole other realm of untouched earth like I've ever seen.

Our first shoot was with Ben and Jaclyn in Hatcher Pass - funny enough, when we did this shoot it was exactly four days before their ACTUAL wedding day. They'd just got done spending a month apart in different parts of the country, just to come together for this shoot (which made them extra touchy and madly in love.) At this point, they are married and Mr. and Mrs. Beasley. It's safe to say, they will have more than enough images to hang on their walls and cherish during this season of their lives (thanks to the other 11 photographers capturing these moments.) Ben and Jaclyn, thanks for being such troopers in the cold Alaskan air and for letting us capture your undying love.