why i do this.

why does an artist paint? why does an author write? why does the sun rise?
we were all created with a purpose.


I tend to gravitate towards shadows, silence, intimacy, and moments that cannot be fabricated. the most cherished images i've created are the ones that were never instructed, but instead that happened naturally. i am always looking to expand my realm of creativity and knowledge - for that reason, no two images will every be the same. I will never promise the same outcome as the session before, for that reason your experience will always be 100%  unique and real. 


At this point, i hope you have felt some value and connection to my work. the biggest piece of advice i can offer when searching for a photographer, is to act like you are searching for a new best friend. whether it is a one hour session or 12-hour wedding day, having that connection with your photographer will make or break the outcome and quality of your images. I especially cannot stress that enough to future brides - do yourself that favor and really be sure to connect with the one person (other than your groom) spending the day by your side. 


pricing for my 2018 bookings are as follows, please contact me for 2019 bookings. 
all sessions outside a 75-mile radius of berlin, ohio are subject to travel fees. 

Intimate weddings and elopements are $1100-$4500.
Portraits start at $350.