tom + abby // cozy winter couples session in canton, ohio

Ugh, Tom + Abby... I connected with these two instantly back in January. I am extremely introverted when it comes to meeting new people, so often times I will keep to myself or just try to make sure the couple is having fun - it's no time for idle chit chat. This session made me get out of my own little box and I am SO glad I did. Abby works for a non-profit organization to help bring food to families across the entire country while Tom works for a local metalwork company - both things they never planned for but God lead them to love. 

Recently, I told a friend "God works in mysterious ways to fill voids and holes in our hearts, ones we didn't know we had" - and it's completely true to these two as well. 

Tom + Abby were the recipients of my couples session giveaway back in December! I love being able to meet incredible people through this career that otherwise I'd never cross paths with! Round two is coming this spring, already super eager to treat them to ice cream to return the favor. :)