About the artist

Hi there - my name is Ariel!

I'm from a small town in Ohio, USA. When I'm not working like a busy bee behind the camera or computer screen, you can find me binge watching FRIENDS for the 20th time, sneaking five donuts into my mouth, or making poor puns and dad jokes with my husband.  I am married to the hottest, most talented, comical, sincere man I have ever met (in my humble opinion of course) and not to mention doubles as my second shooter, Caleb.  He is the very reason I took that bold step into professional photography, and wouldn't be where I am today without amazing love and support. Every breath I take comes from the Lord, and I strive to glorify Him daily through my work, actions, and words I speak.

As we all have noticed through the past several years, photography is an ever-growing market and new artists are popping up every day. My vision is to deliver every image with so much of my heart, soul, and passion so that I can be made apart in this world with a tough creative edge. I have a style very unique to my personality and hope that it moves and inspires you the way it does myself when I photograph it. 

Do you want to hear more about my journey into photography? I would love to sit down and meet you for a cup of tea (or coffee) to connect and talk about life together. Send me a message!